Monday, November 12, 2007

Of Nothing in Particular

Hi Peeps.

It's been a long time, and a lot has happened since then. I cant help it, that I am a happening guy. For those of you wondering how incredibly vain, is this blogger, please check out "bad sarcasm" on Wiki.

Been to Nikko a couple of times in the last month. The second time was to check out the Autumn colours a week ago. Apparently half of Japan had the same idea and I ended up stuck in a interminable traffic jam to get up to the woods and the lake from the Temple complex downhill.. I was far better off than people who followed an hour after me. They spent 5 hours, to my couple of hours staring outta the window of the bus. The scenery itself wasn't too bad though.

Growing up as I did back home,hanging outta the foot board of buses, jumping in and out of running trains, deep sea diving without oxygen and parachuting off 30 floor buildings(guess which two I made up :P ) , the announcements in the buses here never fail to tickle me.
"We are now approaching the Irohazaka Slope.The bus will largely sway from side to side. Please fasten your seat belts and secure all baggage. Passengers may experience motion sickness..blah blah". In that goddamn traffic jam, if we moved any slower, we would be going backwards !!! Yuri Gagarin wouldn't have got those many instructions when he blasted off into space... It would probably have been [Thick Russian Accent] "Theez eez Borisz , Hope yzou have tanked up on Vodka and don't forget to pee righd into ze vaccum pump.Dont get too cloze though!! 3.2.1.Blast off"

With minimal observable damage I reached the Lake inspite of the allegedly apocalyptic journey, but not before I flexed my new found Japanese muscle with the pretty "Call Center Lady" sitting next to me. CCL had apparently backpacked in Tibet, travelled in a bus for 4 days from Yunnan.. after dropping out of Arts College. CCL also had a blinding revelation that my thick spectacles were a result of staring at miniature robots, after I solemnly told her that I was an Electronics grad. The specs were a result of staring at entirely different, organic specimens of the female sex, for long hours during my long adolescence ,but obviously I didn't tell her that. After holding her spell bound with my Japanese for a good hour, I concluded that my Japanese was coming on quite magnificently or that I was a stunningly handsome male specimen, if it wasn't my Japanese :P . If you still haven't checked out "Sarcasm" on Wiki, You should do so now......

I stayed overnight in a Pension next to the Chuzenji Lake after spending the evening trying out my new Canon EOS Kiss Digital X. I quickly figured, how much I don't know bout this gizmo...

The next day, I loitered around the Ganmangafuchi Abyss near the temples and came back to Tokyo to check tryout my new contraption in Meijijingumae ,Harajuku, which always has more than one good photo op in store...

Check out the dude with Gold Fish Earrings.

And they lived happily ever after......

I've been reading loads off late... Staying up well into the night. My most recent reads.

-Alan Turing's Bio
-The History Of the Orgasm - Very informative. For the ones with leers on your faces.. This ain't got any pictures :P
-A Nick Hornby Novel- How to Be Good... Classy.
-Murakami's Dance Dance Dance .. Abstract and Dreamy
-Currently reading - Oppenheimer's Biography. Spectacular stuff this. I am half way through and this is easily one of the most lucid works in contemporary writing that I have chanced upon.. It really deserved the Pulitzer it got.
-Got another book on the futility of religion and a Nietzsche which I might not understand at all...

Happy Diwali to all the desis. And to all the non-desis... Look up Diwali on Wiki.


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