Saturday, March 24, 2007

Silent Illusions

The evening mist, the glistening dale,
In the twilight,shimmers her veil.

She smiles beneath, the heavens sigh,
The curls askew, the twinkling eye.

The silent gaze, the fleeting illusion,
Its all a haze, a frantic delusion.

The setting sun, the hue on the horizon,
The fading sound of a distant clarion

The night sets in, the pole star bright,
Her veil still shimmers, the face still alight.

The dancing shadows on her face,
She stands framed against the star knit lace.

The timbre of her voice,drowns out the noise,
A mere mortal, Did I ever have a choice?

Will the veil ever be raised?
Will the heavens ever be shamed?

I wait in the hope of the promised moment,
I ...shall always be her unheard lament

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Kitschen Blues

I've got back home at reasonably earthly hours for the first time this week.. That alone would be reason enough for a long rambling blog entry about the "joys" of work.
I'll save that for a crappy day :) This one is not worth ruining.

But this whole business of getting home early is more of a double edged sword kinda thingy...
While the pros are
-I get to listen to Clapton and Dylan like they should be listened to.
-I get to fiddle around with the blog.
-I get to stalk profiles of random pretty looking females on Orkut.
-I get to catch up on my reading...Gotta finish the John Gribbin I've picked up.. like ages ago.
-I get to put on leather stockings,play death metal, get my fetish whip outta my closet and play "Whose your papa,bitch!!" with my atrociously kinky Japanese neighbour... (With pros like these, what kinda loser even thinks of cons" :P)

Now the Cons....
When you get back home at 1130 PM, you dont have to make much of a choice..
More like
1130: Return Home.. Swear bout job.
1132: Remove three layers of clothing.
1135: Still swearing bout job.
1140: Switch on comp. Open the packet of bread.
1141: Eating bread. Reading mails.
1143: Login to Orkut. Finish eating bread.
1145: Take a leak..Conjure witty reply to those scraps whilst at it...close zipper.
1147: Send witty replies.
1149: Strip
1149, 20 sec:Snore.

But you get back anytime before 9PM..
There's the bane of every Godamn Veggie Desi Software Engineer in Pardes(True to my profession,we'll abbrev. to GVDSEP for further references) to be confronted....

GVDSEPs, who usually need a map to the kitchen during their comfortable formative years in India , get a rude wake-up call when confronted with the ground realities.(also chopped realities, mashed realities, burnt realities). While trained to confront most challenges in life head on , GVDSEPs have been known to breakdown after being confronted with the "Scrape Charred Rice outta your Burnt Pressure Cooker (SCROBPR)" problem, especially when accompanied by "WTF is burning in the Microwave"(WTFIBIM) situation.

With only a solitary Pakistani Restaurant close to where I live.... most days I have to cry, bludgeon,chop, fry, burn(thats unintentional), toast,roast in the kitchen to ensure that my daily nutritional needs are met....

On that note..
Hungry GVDSEP.

PS: If you meet me on the street, dont ask "Whats Cooking in ur life?" ...Expect violent reactions.Dont tell me I didnt warn you, but then look a the pros...You'd probably be the topic of my next blog entry..."One Liners Can Kill"

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The French Connection

Weekend almost bout to end ... Another weekend dedicated to the Patron God of Sloths and other such maligned animals , who are just abiding by laws of natural physics... Principle of Least Action. All of you who spent it climbing mountains,worked on your 1 mile run time or working out at the neighbourhood gym..

Watch out!! ..You mess with Nature...She'll mess with you ..Buhahaha...
<..Quip..>Atleast that's what Al Gore has been claiming , and he got an Oscar for that!

Going on to less apocalyptic peeves, I just added a new one to my "Lousy Weekend Dos List"... Watch (F)Arty French Movies...

The French have convinced themselves(and most of the rest of the world), that to be considered as avantgarde they need have a plot with mandatory frontal nudity ,a nubile 18 year old and a sad 40+ male, and of course the Eiffel Tower where lovers hold hands, lock lips or generally violently grope each other.... Hollywood has convinced me that you can see the Eiffel Tower through any damn window of any damn house in Paris!

The movie in question is The Last Tango in Paris. An Italian Parentage, and a name that goes..Burrnaarrdho Berthaloochi,(If you picture Penelope Cruz saying that!!Brother, you would be salivating, with your tongue substituting for a neck tie, even if your name is not Bernardo Bertalucci) is apparently all you need to be qualified for this movie making job...
Anyway, I thought Swimming Pool was an aberration, until I watched this.... Total weirdo movie...or may be I aint Intellectually capable enough to appreciate the hidden implications(They must have been pretty well hidden, coz I never found a hint of any..quip quip)
Atleast I'd watched Swimming Pool on a Singapore Airlines flight from Changi to Narita...A kinda perverse pleasure, that my company was paying for a flight where I got to watch free porn!! One of the few moments when I deeply felt... that the slog was worth it...
But on this occasion, the sight of Marlon Brando...and a suggestion "The Complete and Uncensored Version" in italics on the cover, proved my undoing ...I shelled out my Yen gleefully, hoping for a snazzy story, with a bit of perversion thrown in....

An hour into the movie...I was like "what the @@##$" or as the French would say "Qu'est-ce que c'est"?
Other than that...Have spent a neat packet on a pair of Timberland Climbing boots, a snazzy evening jacket and a bunch of other stuff that I really dont need!
...I'd wager that the bill would easily surpass the GDP of most South American Countries......

Some fait accompli that....

Adieu!Mon amis..